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February 2, 2012


A recycling craze is happening now at UW-Eau Claire!

Recyclemania is here once again…

The campus community will compete against more than 500 other colleges and universities during Recyclemania 2012. The 10-week program will run Jan. 22-March 31 and will measure UW-Eau Claire’s recycling and reduction efforts in comparison to other universities nationwide. The schools that out-compete the others win the grand prize, taking home the Recyclemania trophy!

How Recyclemania works: Each week we will report our recyclables and waste weights to Recyclemania who will calculate our standing in the competition based on our enrollment size, student residential population and number of faculty and staff.

UW-Eau Claire will compete in five categories:

Grand Champion- recycling rate as a percentage of its overall waste generation.

Stephen K Gaski Per Capita Classic- largest combined amount of paper, cardboard and bottles and cans on a per person basis.

Waste Minimization- least amount of both recyclables and trash on a per person basis.

Gorilla Prize- recycles the highest gross tonnage of combined paper, cardboard and bottle and cans regardless of campus population.

Targeted Materials- We are competing in all four separate targeted material categories for Paper, Cardboard, Cans and Bottles, Food Service Organics.

Electronics- Electronics is a new pilot category to RecycleMania for the 2012 tournament. Limited to a single, month long tracking and reporting period. Ranks schools on a gorilla basis, i.e. gross quantities without a per capita divider. Is weight-based with volume-to-weight conversions allowed.

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